Our service is mainly involved in custom product development, We are into designing, developing and manufacturing various kinds of products for various types of industries.

Automatronics is a development firm which provides full R&D service, specialized in the area of Embedded system, Machine Vision, and also in development of high end software solution for the industries as well as to the end users.

“We love to teamwork with our clients, and make sure that the products we build are the products they want”

What we can do for you

Automatronics specialises in design, development, engineering, implementation, testing, upgrade till end of life of embedded systems products for various applications.

This also includes custom engineering for enhancing life of third party supplied legacy products. Automatronics has worked closely with various sector undertakings products supplied by OEM’s.

Automatronics has specialist teams in hardware, firmware and systems engineering. Complementing these teams is the engineering eco-system that has been created in the form of value added partners, in PCB manufacture, mechanical and system design, and qualification and certification testing. Design and development encompasses Digital, Analog and RF products and services.

Automatronics Machine Vision Solutions is an integration and engineering resource firm dedicated to helping you achieve maximum returns on your machine vision investments.

Complex projects that require sophisticated image processing capabilities are available from Automatroncs. The company has provided image processing equipment and engineering solutions for hundreds of machine vision projects. Whether your organization requires the inspection of simple components of a complex system our engineering staff can help you reach the goal of your project.

Automatronics has tied up with a number of leading Machine Vision product companies to offer cutting-edge machine vision products in the Indian market.

Automatronics also offers high end Software Solutions, our leadership in Software development, native platforms, and high-end scalable design are invaluable for a strategy that matters.

Software we create is beautiful, innovative and virtually maintenance is cheaper. We combine cutting-edge technology with solid engineering, and we routinely push to the edge of possible.

We work with the world’s best companies to apply technology in innovative ways and guide them through the process of taking new products from idea, through development, and to market. Challenge us to make your something that matters.