This product is under compliance with DGFT serialization mandate and GS1 norm for the export market. This complete system helps to manage various risk factors (like counterfeit drugs) and maintain epedigree by barcode labeling on pharma products.

This solution comes with the three main features,

  • Unique serialization (Unique serial ID for each product)
  • Vision Inspection (Inspection and verification of generated 2D datamatrix and printed characters via OCR)
  • Global Server Management (complete report and supply chain management, which will allow the products to be tracked traced and recalled if necessary)

Technical Specifications

  • Inspection Camera: 1280x1024 with Fujinon Lens
  • Sensor Type: E2V, color with Global shutter
  • Camera transfer speed: 300+Mpix per second
  • Inspection Speed: 2600+ inspection per minute
  • Processor: Upto Intel core i7, 3rd Generation
  • Memory: 4GB DDR3
  • Storage: 128GB Solid State Disk (higher capacity optional)
  • Display: 15" LED display with 1366x768, touchscreen optional
  • Illumination Type: High efficiency LED lighting
  • Operating System: Custom Real Time Linux Operating System
  • Printer: Videojet